Why would you want a wedding photographer?

Why? Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a photographer for your wedding? I hear this all the time. What is the point of spending that much money when our phones have cameras? Let me tell you my why. It doesn’t come down to money for me, when I think about photography and my memories.

I know when I hire a photographer for my most important days of my life I’m hiring someone I trust. It doesn’t matter the cost to me. What matters is if I trust them to know how to photograph my life. These pictures are not just “pretty pictures.” These pictures are my legacy that I will pass down to the next generation. Photographers don’t just capture pretty pictures, they capture moments in time you will never get back. You can’t go back and relive your wedding day, or the day you had your babies, or even moments when your babies were little. Photography captures those moments in time for your heart to cherish. So, when you’re asking yourself “why am I choosing a photographer that charges thousands of dollars?” you can rest assure that they charge thousands of dollars because they put the work into their craft to know that in every lighting situation, every location they will know how to photograph your memories.

You’re not paying a photographer thousands just because they charge thousands, you’re investing in someone you know you can trust. To be a photographer you have to have back up gear in case something happens because, life happens! Your paying them to be on time, to know how to juggle light, location, color, their camera settings and off camera lighting, posing your families, dealing with that crazy aunt who randomly swears, making fussy children laugh, and all the while capturing the sweet intimate moments of you hugging your grandmother in a wheel chair when you know she only has perhaps days to live. You’re not just hiring someone for thousands of dollars to capture a day on a camera, you’re hiring someone you trust to work their butt off for you.

I know when I show up to a wedding, I am 100% there. I know that I will do anything to capture your day how I would want my wedding day to be captured. I am there to get the little whispies from your eyelashes when your hair gets out of hand, I am there to hug you when you have a break down in the bathroom because something didn’t go to plan and I am there to be your friend at the end of the day. NOT because you pay me thousands of dollars to do so but because you trust me to be that person. So, when you ask yourself, “why would I pay thousands of dollars for a wedding photographer?” that is my answer of why.

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