Starting at $5,299

Did you know you don't have to travel far to elope? Truth be told, elopement can  happen anywhere! The important part is to keep it all about the two of you! whether it is only you, or a small gathering of intimate friends and family, planning your special day close to home will still be exceptional!

Wisconsin & Surrounding States

Starting at $12,500

Anywhere in the world, we will go with you! (ok, ok, maybe not Mt.Everest but 99% of the time, we are game!) The place where you say your vows is incredibly important and special! Let's make it EPIC! 
We are with you for 8 hours to really dive deep into your locations, and activities on your big day! 

Worldwide Adventure Weddings

Starting at $8,599

Not sure you want to leave the United States? No Problem! The U.S. has so much to offer! Let's find a spot that is just right for you. Not only can we help find that dream location but we can offer a helping hand in planning as well as capturing the big day! 

Anywhere in the U.S.A

An adventure elopement is exciting! 

Here are just a few amazing ideas to do on your elopement day!

1. Private Vows Exchange: Find a beautiful spot where you can exchange heartfelt vows in private.
2. Picnic in Nature: Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and enjoy a secluded spot in nature.
3. Sunrise/Sunset Viewing: Watch the sunrise or sunset together at a scenic location.
4. Private Dinner: Arrange a candlelit dinner for two at a cozy restaurant or in-room dining at a hotel.
5. Stargazing: Spend the evening under the stars, cuddled up together.
6. Couples Massage: Relax and unwind with a couples massage to start your day.
7. Adventure Activity: Whether it's hiking, kayaking, or hot air ballooning, embark on an adventure together.
8. Photography Session: Hire a photographer to capture candid moments throughout the day.
9. Private Boat Ride: Rent a boat for a private cruise on a lake or river.
10.Wine Tasting: Visit a local vineyard and enjoy wine tasting together.
11. Scenic Drive: Take a leisurely drive through picturesque landscapes.
12. Hot Springs Visit: Soak in natural hot springs for a relaxing experience.
13. Private Dance Lesson: Learn a dance together for your first dance as a married couple.
14. Couples Spa Day: Indulge in a day of pampering with spa treatments.
15. Helicopter Tour: Take a helicopter tour of the area for breathtaking views.
16. Private Yoga Session: Start your day with a calming yoga session for two.
17. Beach Day: Relax on the beach, swim in the ocean, and enjoy each other's company.
18. Cooking Class: Take a cooking class together and learn to prepare a romantic meal.
19. Art Gallery Visit: Explore local art galleries and appreciate beautiful artwork together.
20. Private Movie Night: Set up a cozy movie night with your favorite films and snacks.

Capture the deep intimacy and connection of your love story

A: Yes! You will get to book all of your travel and accommodations independently. I would be more than happy to assist finding the most cost effective flights and accommodations for you.  

Q: Do I book my own travel?

A: Majority of my couples "make it legal" at the courthouse a few days/weeks before or even after they come on an international or out of state adventure elopement with us! This way we keep it as simple as possible and can really focus on sharing the vows. For elopements that happen in the United States, we'd be more than happy to help find you an officiant to join along if that is what you desire. 
For international elopements, you may consider "making it legal" when you return from your trip if there will be any name changes. This way you can ensure zero hang ups in customs. 

Q: How is it legal?

A: That is ok! This may be a little strange, but I spend way too much "free time" on google maps. If there is a random island in the middle of the ocean, you know I am going to go check it out! That being said, we know of a lot of locations around the United States and other countries that we can customize a location for you! 

Q: What if we don't know where we would like to elope?

A: You will get photo coverage by both Elizabeth & Joel. Yep, that is right! You'll get both Joel and Elizabeth to photograph your elopement! Your wedding day elopement will not feel stressed or rushed.
We will help you with your timeline, finding locations, and truly celebrating your relationship. 

Q: What comes with a photography package?

Q: What about permits?

A: Some areas of the United States requires permits. We will do our absolute best to obtain any and all necessary permits wherever you'd like to elope. (within our power, of course.)

Q: Are there any additional Fees?

A: All of our packages include our own travel costs and transportation to wherever you'd like to go. All packages will have a 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax in addition to an any card transaction fees added on through invoicing. There are other options to avoid card transaction fees! We accept Zelle (with zero fees) along with checks. 

Q: What does an all day elopement look like?

A: Apart from smiling, laughing, maybe shedding a tear or two during your day, your elopement will look exactly how you will design it to look! Let me ask you a few questions. If you could plan the most amazing day together from sun up to the moment you rest your heads on your pillows,
 what would it look like? 
The answer to this question will help us to build your day of timeline for your all day elopement. Your day is more than just "pretty pictures" and reciting vows. It's capturing a HUGE step and commitment. We want to capture the connection that the two of you share. 

Q: What if I don't know where I want to go?

A: Not a problem! Let's book a time to talk through your hopes and dreams for your wedding day! Most of our meetings are virtual. In our pre-travel meetings, we will discuss your vision, preferences, and special moments you want to capture during your elopement. This will ensure that we capture the perfect moments that reflect your tastes, personalities, and, of course, your love! 

Q: What if we don't want to hike?

A: Guess what? you don't have to! There are plenty of places we can create BEAUTIFUL images within just steps outside of your vehicle or a short walk. 

Q: What if we are awkward in front of the camera?

A: Says every couple we have ever photographed! Joel and I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years. ZERO worries! we will make sure you feel 100% comfortable in front of the lens. 

Q: ok, we want to elope! How do we even start to plan?

A: Heck ya! Head over to fill out our contact form and we will get going on our planning process! That's the best part of having us photograph for you. We will help you every step of the way! We will work with your vision to determine if close to home or abroad is best for your day.

A: One of the best perks of working with us is the ordering sessions we provide. We walk you through the best products.


A: We typically say to book 6 months in advance. This will help reserve your spot.  


A: If a session gets cancelled due to inclement weather, we will do our best to reschedule your session to a time that works for everyone!

Q: what happens if we have an outdoor shoot, but the weather is not permitting? do we get to reschedule?

A: Absolutely, we are always willing to work with our clients to make working with us a breeze!

Q: Do you allow payment schedules?

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