Top 5 Go to Poses for Weddings

What are my top 5 poses? I’m so glad you asked! Here is my go to list…

Belly Buttons together, with one arm wrapped around where she can hold onto it. Snuggle in for a few kisses, and smiles.


Belly buttons together, she wraps her right arm around his waist, he wraps his left arm and pulls her in close. Be sure to not allow any space between their bellies.
This pose you have so many options to have a varied look. You can crop in tight, and get a different angle. You can move the hands to the side of her face, she could turn her face to look at her shoulder and he nuzzles into her temple.

Offsetting the groom behind the bride, and matching their hands on her hip to make sure it doesn’t look maternity is a little tricky. But, this is such a romantic shot to snag if you get the chance at a wedding.

This is a classic at a wedding, a simple veil fluff. The veil shot is always better with wind and this day had some beautiful gusts of wind!

Lastly, the tight shot focused on the eyelashes are a must! With that and caressing the side of his face, pulling him for a little nose touch.

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