The Best Light for Selfies

I have been asked so many times “How to have the best light for your selfies?” I thought I would show the best lighting possible!
The photo on the left, my face is facing toward the sun, not the best for selfies. Notice the shadows under my eyes, and harsh tones.
The photo on the right is turned directly around which many people seek for but notice the haze in the camera, so there is no “pop.”

Finally, this last image is with my back turned toward the sun, but I tucked the sun just gently around the tree branches by taking a few steps to the right. The best way to do this is looking directly into the sun and finding where the sun does not go into your eyes but you can still see a touch of sunlight shining through.
Look at that HAIR LIGHT! See the image on the right, that speckled light? That is what you’re looking for to stand in, with the light at your back!

Hope this helps you take your BEST selfies possible!

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