Capaul | Settersten Wedding

One of my most favorite things at a wedding is watching the bride and groom realize this day has literally changed their lives. Caitlin kept telling me it all felt like a dream, and not like it is truly happening. Once she was in her dress, and flowers in hand, was when she finally announced “this feels so real!”
Caitlin was very much a “dream bride” for me. She thought of every little detail. And, in every little detail, was so much meaning, thought and time put in. She also shares the same love I have for big bouquets and flowers. There is something so stunning about a fresh bouquet of flowers for your wedding day. Her flowers were to.die.for!
I am lucky enough to have known Matthew since 1st grade. Yes you read correctly, elementary school! It is so wonderful to see an old friend be so in love, and so incandescently happy.

When I spoke to Matthew about Caitlin, he told me the story of how they met. It was literally that fairy tale story. “I saw her from across the room, walked up to her and told her she was going to be my girlfriend within three weeks.”

Secrets be told, I’m usually the one pinning the flowers on the groomsmen. Jokingly this portrait was taken of me pinning this boutonniere on Jake, an old high school friend of mine. The focus was on my right elbow but I still love it non-the-less.

Matthew’s Mother made all of the macrame for the wedding herself. She has a true talent and gift! I have never seen this at a wedding, but it was gorgeous!

You could see the love they had for their friends and family through out the day, but when it came to Ryder it was no contest. This sweet wheaten is so loved by his momma and daddy.

When I listened to the speeches given at the reception, I couldn’t help but tear up behind the camera. I truly admire the friendships they all have, and how deeply they care for one another. Not everyone can say they have a group of friends so rich in connection.Caitlin & Matthew, Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your day.I love that your day was filled with so much laughter and tears of joy. I hope you can look back and think about all the fun your wedding day held. We wish you a life time of happiness.
xox E

Birchwood Studio – Photography
Geneva National- Venue
Make-up by Esa- Make-Up
Flowers- Floral Expressions
DJ- A Personal Touch
Stationary- Paper Culture
Second Photographers – Leah Kluge & Meghan Walker

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