A sweet Sunday where the threat of rain was fierce.

It rained all morning, all afternoon, the entire car ride to Beloit College and then magically it stopped right when Alana & Anthony arrive for their portraits. Now, I will not lie to you. It was pretty cold out. Especially, because Alana was wearing a gorgeous dress in the midst of these cold temps and moist air. She is a trooper! Not only was she so amazing to get pictures taken in overcast dreary conditions but they drove from up state New York to do it!

During their engagement session there was no shortage of laughter. I am pretty sure I didn’t have to tell them to smile one time. Their joy just come naturally when they are together. I feel incredibly blessed to have couples who truly love each other and enjoy being around one another.

Beloit College was a new location for me to photograph, but I am sure I will return. With it’s “old town” charm and beautiful landscapes, it really set the best backdrops for Alana & Anthony.

After their engagement session, right as we were wrapping up, the rain began to pick up again. It was if the clouds parted for the hour we had for pictures!

I cannot wait to see their wedding day! It is going to be unique for sure!

– E

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