a little engagement session in paradise.

For my first of many blog posts I wanted to write about an engagement session that really stands out for me. I traveled to Koloa, Hawaii located on the island of Kauai. What an adventure that turned out to be!

I have known Abby from high school. She met Alapai when she moved to Hawaii and I am pretty sure they had an instant connection.
They graciously allowed me to stay in their home for a few days. Alapai’s family owns a cabin close to the Waimea Canyon where we took some of their portraits. This canyon is indescribable. Ironically I have never been to the grand canyon so I flew over an ocean to see my first canyon. We hiked for a short time before we reached the look out. The color tones of reds, oranges and rich green was unlike anything else I have ever seen before.

Thinking about my time in Hawaii, the thing that stands out most to me is Abby & Alapai together. The way they interact with one another is quite infectious! I don’t think I found a time where I didn’t see a smile on their faces. Abby’s laugh is contagious as the two of them embraced one another. The two of them really enjoy hiking as a couple. Their adventurous out look and spirit in life is something to admire. I truly look forward to the time where I can go back and visit this amazing island again. They truly live in Paradise.

– E

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