10 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Day

Let’s talk about the cake. Many of you may not think too much about where you plan to put your dessert table and cake.  But, it matters!
Placing your cake away from a wall allows for awesome hair lighting to happen. I almost ALWAYS move a cake off a cake table to a new table to allow for better lighting at a reception.

Putting their cake at the head table allowed for them to stand behind the cake. This allows for their guests to see them cutting the cake and potentially smashing it into each others faces.

I know, I know most of us are traditional but there are many benefits to the first look. Having a first look is almost like a small insurance policy. As the saying goes “rain on your wedding day is good luck.” But, it can ruin portrait times. Scheduling in a first look allows for a little time before the wedding where the bride and groom can see each other and snag some portraits together. Remember, THESE are the pictures that will be hung on your walls!

Hiring a great- RELIABLE team will be the KEY to a great day! The smoothest running weddings are always the weddings where the bride and groom dish out for a good team of people to help! This includes a Photographer (of course!), Videographer, Wedding Day of Coordinator, DJ, Hair & Make-Up Artist (one each not the same person doing both- TRUST ME,) Florist, Baker & Caterer. Having a team will allow you to relax! Everything is covered!!

Location, Location, Location is everything! When you look tour a location you want to look for wall colors, natural lighting (more than one wall with windows,) vibe, and space!
Look for locations with white walls, white ceilings, high tall ceilings, and large big windows. If you’re looking for that light and airy style of photography this will be VITAL!


Request for an unplugged wedding. This means no cell phones, no large i-pads videoing the wedding, no devices hung from the ceiling. There is nothing worse than photographing the bride walking down the aisle and you’re needing to dodge cellphones in your way. Having an Unplugged wedding allows for your guests to just sit back, and enjoy your wedding and allow your vendors to do their thing!


After the wedding, you’ll have your family formal portraits. Be sure to give the photographer, 2 family members (one on each side of the family) and your wedding coordinator the list of family formals. I suggest keeping your groupings to about 10 groupings. This ensures you get everyone but you’re not there for an entire hour after the wedding ceremony. These pictures are SO important, so keeping a punch list of who is intended to be there after the ceremony is vital. Be sure to contact and notify each family member to stick around after the ceremony allows for these portraits to fly smoothly.

The time of the ceremony is so incredibly important. Be sure that your outdoor ceremony time stays far away from that 12 noon hour. Having a wedding during high noon will cause many shadows under your eyes, and reflections or glare in glasses.

There is this fun moment at the end of the formal dances where I have asked the DJ to gather everyone onto the dance floor to snag a large group photo for the bride and groom. This photograph is one of my absolute FAVORITE images of the night!


Be sure you pack an emergency kit for your wedding day. I’m always adding to my list to bring but having one on hand is so helpful!
Your emergency kit could consist of, bobby pins, safety pins, sewing kit, super glue, boob tape, electrical tape (yes.. really,) recently added- eyelash glue, feminine products, hair ties, tide stain remover sick, pain medication, Pepto Bismol, and anti-blister balm for your shoes.

Last but not least is AWESOME DETAILS.
I am a photographer that is all about the details. Little details and touches to make your day super unique and special are so fun for me to photograph. I learn so much about my couples while I photograph their details. Adding some quirky touches is exactly how to top off the most amazing wedding day!

Some of the Vendors that appeared in these images:

Boxed and Burlap Wedding Event Venue
Hotel Goodwin – Getting Ready Location
Vera’s Bridal – Bridal Gowns
Hailey’s Sweets and Treats – Hailey Dietz
Mod Bloom Floral & Design – Heidi Rossiter
Vennebu Hill Wedding Barn & Event Venue
Rotary Botanical Gardens Wedding Venue
Sara Marie Artistry – Make Up
SJ – Hair
Brides on a Budget – Wedding Coordinator
Wedding at the Broz- Wedding Venue

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